ProductionBusiness Unit
Maximize synergies to create new experiences in new spaces with our
knowledge of program and content creation, management, and operations.
Fairs and Biennials
We specialize in large-scale exhibitions held by government agencies, municipalities, and associations. With over 10 years of experience in organizing large-scale exhibitions from start to finish, we can provide you with a safe and high-quality exhibition.
International Meetings
We organize conferences, congresses, symposia, forums, seminars, and workshops in a variety of fields, by experts, for experts. We provide one-stop service from attracting, organizing, and managing the event with professional staff such as interpretation, exhibition, tour, invitation, video, and design.
International Events
From domestic international events to overseas exhibitions and events, we will run around the world with our qualifications, track record, know-how, on-site response, and quick situational judgment to provide you with the answers.
We handle the operation of annual events for various associations and organizations. Every year, we manage about 30 regular events of different sizes, creating a stable operation manual and upgrading it every year.
We work with the pros.
With many years of accumulated experience and know-how, we provide
safe and perfect events,
leading new sensations and trends.
We're always looking for challenges and change, and we're all committed to making the event the best it can be.
Creative & Innovative Professional Planning
Content planning, design planning, service planning, space planning, marketing planning, exhibition planning, and more
Based on our diverse planning capabilities, we deliver exactly the experience the client requires.
Accurate space design with 2D & 3D design tools
Specific space design and planning is important for the successful operation of exhibitions, events, seminars, etc.
Accurate space design is possible through 2D & 3D design, enabling clear space allocation and efficient operation management.
Convention experts, designers and editors, and more
Whether it's a planning team, content creation team, overseas operations team, or event management team, we have the right people to make your event a success.
Zero Accident Event Operator (Zero Accident)
Establish a dedicated safety management organization centered on the person in charge of the safety manager's license,

Through the safety management manual (inspection of safety facilities, identification of the cause of safety accidents, and safety simulation) We operated an event with an accident rate of 0% for 10 years.
Bloom Portfolio
International conferences, exhibitions, festival events, international events, etc.
Your ideas in a wide range of fields
We will make it happen.
Exposition / Biennale planning and operation, Special exhibition, Permanent exhibition, Equipment (wood, block, octane), Virtual exhibition, Metaverse exhibition / event
International Meetings
Conferences, congresses, forums, workshops, symposia, seminars, webinars, online courses/events
International Events
International meetings and conferences, international exhibitions, international event and promotion agency, global public relations agency
Festivals, Events
Festivals, concerts, ceremonies, openings, dedications, competitions, contests, promotional events, campaigns